little miss messy hair


things i have seen lately

a man in a white t-shirt and blue shorts, sandels and black knee-highs

kids in summer camp being led by their counselors in "let me see your hairy ape" where only the counselors were actually doing the hairy ape.

a hummingbird hanging out at my friend's tomato plants


what color eyes?

Hazel Eyes

What Color Eyes Should You Have?
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i should say that i do not think i actually HAVE hazel eyes, just that, apparently, i SHOULD have hazel eyes. actually, my eyes are adaptive in their color.


amazing the things you can do

when you are putting something else off. and look at the lovely stitch markers i made this weekend:



it is done, sewn up, finis! and it actually fits quite well!
i made it a bit shorter than the pattern called for, and made less of a waist in it. the yarn is soft and not-hot and i am very excited and happy.
what would i do differently if i were to make it again?
well, i'd probably do a slight rib hem and make the below-the-waist not so wide. all-in-all, i am quite happy with it however.


it was a dark and stormy night

and i have a couple of pics to prove it!
i really like this one
this one doesn't suck
pictures taken with my s500 and then levels adjusted in photoshop

tubular bells hell

grr. i have restarted the tubular cast-on 3 times now! the backward loop gets tight and i drop a loop and then have to start over, or i am not paying enough attention on the yarn-over row and end up with two knits next to each other when i need a YO in betwwen them and and and...
maybe tonight i will be in tubular balance


tubular bells

well, actually it is a tubular cast-on for this top from interweave knits that i have started to make. "started to make" as in i am halfway through the tubular cast-on, which apparently takes 4 rows. The first is a backward-loop cast-on, then you knit and do yarn overs for the next row, then knit and slip purl-wise for the third and then you do other things of which i am not sure because i haven't done them yet. i started the backward-loop on my way to work and got partway through the second row when i realized that i needed to at least do the third row or everything would fall apart in my bag. So, i sat in the park and finished the third row and instead of being early for work, as would have been the case, i was late. not too late, but not early, which is what i had been going for. Ah well, it will be worth it!


back to normal

my hair in its natural array of lovliness:

thank goodness

picture taken by sop

yard sale

it started at 10:00 friday night. went to the store, bought posterboard and then headed to my parents' to water their lawn while i made signs. by 1:30 am, i was home.

it continued at 6:00 am on saturday. drove around, posting signs, and then taking out the "goods".

don't you want some of this?don't forget the knitting stuff

'highlights' of the day:

met someone who was learning to knit and may want to go to the Stitch n Bitch! She seemed cool and it would be fun. i really need to get to the stitch n bitch more often.

the morning "yard sale freak" experience: This guy rolled up in a pick-up truck LOADED with junk. Stuff strapped down in a huge mound in the bed of the truck. Came up and asked if i had any socks. "um, yeah, they're inside, i can bring them out". Actually, i had been planning on just taking the socks to the salvation army, but if he wanted to buy socks, fine with me. brought out the socks and he started going through them. "are they clean?" "yes," i replied. "what? are they clean?" "Yes," i reply again. he asked how much they were and i said 50 cents a pair, he asked if i'll sell them for a quarter a pair if he boughy a bunch. i said, "sure, if you buy a bunch." "this pair isn't a match!!!" he exclaimed. I got a matching pair for him. "are they clean?" he asked. "yes, they are clean" (you freak!!). "okay, i'll give you a dollar for 5". "Nope," i said, "a dollar for 4". Sure, i had been going to give these away, but i was going to give them to people who needed them and that is still a better deal than selling them to this guy! He then wandered over to the t-shirts and started working on those until he exclaimed, "these are getting wet! They're on the grass and they are getting wet!" "i'm sure they'll be okay." i said. i just wanted this guy to go away! "no, they're getting wet, that is bad" he said and left. whoohoo!

the end-if-yard-sale weirdo experience: This guy rolled on on his bike complaining about the mugginess. Seemed nice enough, actually, but then he wanted me to sell him an outfit so bizarre that he would be a spectacle riding home in it. He refused the work-out wear as too much (and tell me, what plump man wouldn't be a spectacle biking along in a red-velvet, mock-tank workout top? He refused the graduation gown as too mundane. He wanted a dress. Well, he came to the wrong house for that. He said he'd give me his sony clie if i could come up with an outfit that was too outrageous for him to wear. I said that i already had: He had declared the workout clothes as something he just could not wear. But he said that didn't count. He ended up leaving in the clothes that he arrived in.

check out SOP demonstrating his purchases (the hat and the exersize band):
don't you want some of this?


not very prolific

this week. sorry. it's been a stresser (not a stressOR, which would imply that i have had one measly stressor this week, but a stressER, by which i mean i am at a just about functioning level, but only just.). i don't like to go into the yucky stuff here, so i'll wait to post until next week. there have been some good things, so i am excited to post, but i just have to get rid of some of the evil beforehand.


check out my new shirt from SUPERfantastico! and you know what? the shirt is sweatshop free, also. that made my day.

what would nature do?

so happy


gyrid done????

hmm. i tried Gyrid on today, after blocking and drying and i wonder if it supposed to be this loose. may be so, but i am not sure. check out this pic:
is this too big?
it looks a bit big doesn't it?

here are some more loverly pictures taken while standing on the toilet seat. it's your dream photo shoot too, admit it.

fuzzy me

fuzzy fuzzy me

have you noticed how hard it is to stay in focus when you shoot into the mirror? maybe fuzzy is my best side :)


discount-store-heaven (a dream)

i'm in a parking-lot in the middle of discount-store-heaven. next to us is a k-mart. i do not want to go into the k-mart. i can see a super target a little ways off, but my mom says "let's go in here" and we walk into the store in front of us. inside, i look around and exclaim, "is this a WalMart?!" It is. I run out.

i go into the k-mart and my mom is at the photo counter at the front picking up pictures. then, she walks around with a stub of paper, like the ones yu are left with when you drop off your film, and is asking people if these are their photos, as she seems to have some of the wrong ones, but it is really hard to tell what pictures are what on that little stub. someone suggests looking up the pictures online to see what they really look like. sitting in the turquoise-blue train-station seats in gront of the photo counter, i hear a guy sitting in the bank of seats next to me talking about knitter's review. i approach him about it and we go outside to jump on the trampoline.

i jump so high, higher than the tall pine (or is it a fir) next to the trampoline. Yet i can see my mom, standing next to the car watching me, and she does not seem very far away at all.


we now pause for an announcement from our sponsors

you know you want some

oohh. yum. the lunch of champions. enjoy a lunch of triskets and softbatch cookies today!

doesn't he look happy?

as SOP so wonderfully demonstrates, a meal of triskets, cheese and softbatch cookies can make you a happy person. experience this joy today!

it all started with a morning ride to east canyon reservoir. since we wanted to get an early start, we thought it would be fun to go to Ruth's Diner for breakfast. oops. way too crowded. Hmmm... how about the next place up the canyon? oops, closed (july 5th). Then, there is that restaraunt in the resort, let's try that. Hmmm, also closed. So it is off to the general store at the resort and away we went with a fine mean of cheese, triskets, and softbatch cookies! hard to beat.

first ski dream of the year

i am not at my favorite resort. i am at another place; i have been to this resort before also, but i really don't know why i come back. i'm skiing with my mom, at first, and it turns out we are in a race as a team. we're skiing fast and i turn to go through this last section of thick-looking snow to get to the finish (at this point my mom is not my mom anymore, which is probably good as she gave up skiing years ago) and the snow is actually smooth and i am able to maneuver through it well. then i feel my ski catch and become lighter and i fear that my ski has broken. i ski out of the field, though, and look down to see that my ski did indeed break right in front of the binding. (fyi, had this happened in real life i would have tumbled if the ski broke and there would have been no way to keep on doing tele-turns down the mountain). amazingly, we placed 3rd. wow. we are so good.


saltair sights

when the swallows come back to salt lake city

hanging outbut not for long


impression of a 1926 magritte