little miss messy hair


remember october?

when i posted about the snow? well, it's march now, so it's snowing again!

here are some pics of slc this morning at about 6:15 as i walked to our very cool library to volunteer at one of our public radio stations, KCPW, for their semi-annual fund-drive. (you can listen to a radio stream, if you want, but right now they're begging for money, so you may want to wait about 10 days).

no idea what the swirly-effect is from. big blobs of snow floating around?

i was definitely not using this today:
bike rack

i shoveled my walk at about 5:30 and by the time i left, at 5:40, there was a good .25 -.5 inches on the walk again. very cool. i wish i were not working today. the snow must be fabulous at brighton!


not chair series

waiting to have the second half of its zipper sewn in, sop's cardigan:

on a chair that is waiting to have its picture taken for the series


is there a good way to photograph feet?

even my lovely, completed-this-weekend, retro-rib socks are disheartened by foot photography:


chair series


actually there are two

so, last night, when i found out that i have to sew down the collar of sop's sweater AFTER i get the zipper in, i started on the double trouble socks. i had wanted to start on them before but, as i may have mentioned, i got one of the bad batches of crystal palace needles where the bamboo bit falls out of the metal sleeve. anyway, i repaired that this weekend and, not feeling like working on the foot of my retro rib sock, i pulled out the needles to start on the double trouble.

now, with double trouble, you do the toes seperately and then put them on the same needle and continue on with two balls of yarn and two circular needles. i have a big ball of yarn, so i am doing one sock from the inside of the ball and the other from the outside. the directions say to mark the tips of one of the needles (if the needles are the same) with finger polish so that you can tell the two needles apart as this will be important when you are working on both socks. i didn't have any fingernail polish, so i used a marker, which actually wore off by the time i was done with the first toe. i wonder if it is worth buying fingernail polish for this?

anyway, i got both toes done last night and i dipped the tips of one of the needles in ink in preparation for getting set up on both needles. don't know how soon that will happen, as i am sewing in a zipper this weekend!!!


chair series


chair series

i have too been knitting!

but just not taking any pictures of it.

i'm re-knitting the yoke of sop's cardigan after being thwarted by yet another pattern error in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. The yoke decreases in the Men's Ribbed Cardigan are fine for a woman, but sop is not (and wouldn't the name of the pattern lead you to believe that that is okay?).

i am also now working on the heel of second of the pair of my retro-rib socks. i cannot wait to wear these.

in further just-try-to-stop-me knitting news. i set out to try the double trouble socks this week and found i had ended up with one of the bad batch of crystal palace circular needles where the needle falls out of the metal sleeve. so i must wait unil i get some epoxy before i embark on my two-socks-at-once adventure.


chair series



west of delta is the topaz concentration camp, used to hold Japanese prisoners (two thirds of whom were American Citizens) during WWII. The camp has been razed: the only building site consisting of more than a concrete slab is the administration building, which still has part of its stone foundation.

a plaque describing the reasons behind Topaz, and other concentration camps of its like, stands on the main street in Delta and has directions to the camp site.

recently, a monument has been built at one of the entrances to the camp:

complete with touches from the former prisoners (?):

from the 'T'

you can drive through the camp on the old roads overtaken by sage brush. someone has gone through and placed signs at the cement slabs, stating what once stood at each location. that same person, made this sign, memorializing James Hatsuki Wakasa, who was killed while running where? where could you run to out here?

this is the only place with anything but emptyness on the concrete slab: the site of the buddhist church:

as we left the area, we were destracted by another structure and walked from the main road to explore. it appears to be the remains of a truck loading and unloading area, complete with abandoned vehicles

an early biodiesel?


chair series


chair series


snow geese

every year, snow geese migrate through utah. specifically, they choose to migrate through delta, utah. this sunday, my parents and i drove down to delta to see what we could see. the snow goose festival was not going on because it was a sunday, but the geese didn't care and hung out at the reservoir before heading out to get some food when we got to see, and HEAR, them fly away.

the reservoir where the geese hang out is small, with a few vacation homes around its perimeter. some smaller than their garages:

and as my mom said, "you can just do whatever you want down here".


another one



i have been working on a series of chairs for a while now. still working on it and still enjoying it. here is a raw snippet. this is not a finished image. this is a scan of a negative and that is it. i wanted to be able to print at least a contact sheet last night, but the film dryer at the lab was down and air-drying takes a long time so i didn't get to hit an enlarger.

anyway, my fascination with chairs may be largely due to the fact that i rarely sit in them: i tend to sit on the floor. so to me, chairs are there to be looked at.