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the holiday weekend

i'll admit, i disappoint most people: I do not decorate every inch of the house for the christmas holiday, this year i didn't even do holiday baking (which really just hurts me, since only a small percentage of the treats actually make it out the door when i do bake anyway). I don't send out cards to every person i know (which is a disappointment i need to remedy), nor do i sing christmas carols non-stop from the beginning of advent on. Despite what people want me to be, given my name, i am not into christmas all that much. I love picking out gifts for people, though, and christmas is an excellent excuse for that.

op thought it wasn't too bad a gift (i think)

Other than that, there is one holiday tradition that i really enjoy, one that my family has not done in a number of years but that sop and i revived this year:

may you enjoy the time you have with friends and loved ones

and may you not do too many face plants in 2006!


At 6:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

how very wonderful! merry christmas, indeed!


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