little miss messy hair


finally...the weekend

work is at its annual beginning-of-new-year frenzy. the wedding, moving, looking for a new job now and then, well, i haven't seen much fun on the weekends in the past month (well, except for the 8th, of course).

This past saturday, sop and i got the basement on its way to being organized so that i can stash my crap down there, and got rid of a few of sop's things as well. Since the yard sale was last weekend, we tried this method of finding a home for the nameless sculpture:

timmy was sculpted by sop several years ago and, well, we have no idea what to do with him. obviously.

after toiling away saturday, we got up sunday with a singular goal: to get out of the valley.

and that is what we did! we headed up to the uintas and hiked up to shingle creek lake and then up into erickson basin, where we lunched with this curious guy:

as the sun started to fade a tad, we headed back down to shingle lake to rest in a grassy meadow we spotted at the edge of the lake on the way up. SOP luxuriated in the soft grass with the warm sun while i took these:

and on the knitting front, i've almost finished this project:

(hint: when it's done, this won't be headwear)

all in all, this weekend was just


a big thank you

Friday, i received a package. Not just any package: a package amply labeled "FRAGILE". A package from thuy. It came to OUR house, not my house, but SOP was not home, so i waited. And waited.

SOP got home, marveled at how much i had brought over from my house and said, "wow! what's that?"

"it's from Thuy! Let's open it!" said i.

and so we did.

The first thing we found was:

now, before we rush into anything, check out the wrapping paper! Custom-made by Thuy herself! One package said "congratulations holly" and the other said "congratulations shawn". Beautiful. This alone would have been enough. But inside those beautiful packages was...:

two beautiful cups. SOP and i were flabbergasted, utterly and totally, by her generosity (extra thanks for her help on the darkroom fund). i think all we could physically say for the next 15 minutes was "wow". seriously.

Thank you so much, Thuy.


spur-of-the-moment yard sale

the yard sale: that great event where you put out the things you do not need anymore and other people stroll by and give you money while taking away treasures for themselves. mmm, yeah.

my yard sale: that event where i am made painfully aware that the crap i do not want, well, no one else wants it either. And this hurts. I mean really, those silver and black pants are a find! A FIND!

but my bed, which is also in the yard sale, well, i LOVE my bed. i love it 500X more than sop's bed. at least. but he made his bed in high school and it won 2nd place at the statewide young craftsman show that year and well, it's painfully obvious which bed has to go, isn't it? and i am okay with it. now, at least.

actually, the yard sale did not suck. we had the stuff we wanted to hoist off sell ready to go and at 7 a.m. i headed out to hang some signs. Well, i headed out to buy some tape to hang signs with and then hang signswhile SOP set up items in the yard. By the time i got back from hanging signs, all within a 4-block radius, my bed was sold. gone. vamoosed. abgehauen. i don't even have a picture of it to show you.

probably the best part of this yard sale is that it was more sop's than mine. i mean, most of the stuff was mine, but sop dealt with the people. i went and cleaned at my old house. SOP is great with people. really. I am not. really.

wouldn't you want to come to this man's yard sale?

and, since i do not have many pictures from the yard sale, nor do i have freak stories, like last year (really we had NICE people come. Interesting people! People from Peru, Mexico, South Salt Lake and stuff!), i am obliged to at least post one of the wedding pictures before i head back to the toil-fest that is my job.

me, judge noel, and sop signing the deed.


photo a day

wow, we are now up to 5 people on the Photo a Day list (in side bar)! Six, if you count me, but i don't think you can count me at the moment. Oh i cannot wait until i have time to post my photos! Life is killing me right now, but then, isn't it always, when you think about it?

on dreams and oaths

lately, with the wedding, the move and the job hunt and all, i've been having one of my least favorite dreams. this is the one where i have a test in german social history next week and i realize that i never actually made it to the class all semester. i figure, though, if i read the book over the weekend and go to the class this week, i might be okay. except that now i can't find the classroom...

and last year i swore i would never do this again! But guess what we are doing saturday? sigh. Insanity is when you repeat your actions again and again but expect different results each time.


photo a day 10 (kind of)

sadly, this is not the start of photo a day again for me. but this is on my new route to work and well, it is really a good reminder, don't you think?




though you state that you cannot take pictures anymore (which i highly doubt), i apparently cannot count anymore, which is why no photo a day 4, i guess. sigh.

now, as to what happened to 10 (actually 9), 11 (actually 10) and so on... well, i got busy doing the wedding thing and so i just didn't get it done.

now that the wedding is over you might think i ought to get cracking, but since i will, hopefully, soon be posting images from our not-normal wedding and our fun day of celebration afterward, photo a day is on-hold until the end of the august. By which time i will be moved and partially settled (i hope - so just humor me on this, please) and can work on taking pictures for joy.


photo a day 9


photo a day 8


the problem with words

me to sop:
"as we were filling out paper work today, it struck me that my initials, HC, both come before your initials, SP. And then i thought how H and C come before all your initials, SOP. And THEN i thought how the initial that comes last alphabetically in my name, S, is the same as the initial that comes last alphabetically in YOUR name. Isn't that interesting?"

sop to me:

photo a day 7


photo a day 6


photo a day 5