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a big thank you

Friday, i received a package. Not just any package: a package amply labeled "FRAGILE". A package from thuy. It came to OUR house, not my house, but SOP was not home, so i waited. And waited.

SOP got home, marveled at how much i had brought over from my house and said, "wow! what's that?"

"it's from Thuy! Let's open it!" said i.

and so we did.

The first thing we found was:

now, before we rush into anything, check out the wrapping paper! Custom-made by Thuy herself! One package said "congratulations holly" and the other said "congratulations shawn". Beautiful. This alone would have been enough. But inside those beautiful packages was...:

two beautiful cups. SOP and i were flabbergasted, utterly and totally, by her generosity (extra thanks for her help on the darkroom fund). i think all we could physically say for the next 15 minutes was "wow". seriously.

Thank you so much, Thuy.


At 9:23 AM, Blogger thuy said...

oh, you are so very welcome! it's my way of celebrating your marriage. yay!

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous VaxGirl said...

What a beautiful gift! The wrapping paper is gorgeous! I love the wedding picture and am dying to see more.


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