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spur-of-the-moment yard sale

the yard sale: that great event where you put out the things you do not need anymore and other people stroll by and give you money while taking away treasures for themselves. mmm, yeah.

my yard sale: that event where i am made painfully aware that the crap i do not want, well, no one else wants it either. And this hurts. I mean really, those silver and black pants are a find! A FIND!

but my bed, which is also in the yard sale, well, i LOVE my bed. i love it 500X more than sop's bed. at least. but he made his bed in high school and it won 2nd place at the statewide young craftsman show that year and well, it's painfully obvious which bed has to go, isn't it? and i am okay with it. now, at least.

actually, the yard sale did not suck. we had the stuff we wanted to hoist off sell ready to go and at 7 a.m. i headed out to hang some signs. Well, i headed out to buy some tape to hang signs with and then hang signswhile SOP set up items in the yard. By the time i got back from hanging signs, all within a 4-block radius, my bed was sold. gone. vamoosed. abgehauen. i don't even have a picture of it to show you.

probably the best part of this yard sale is that it was more sop's than mine. i mean, most of the stuff was mine, but sop dealt with the people. i went and cleaned at my old house. SOP is great with people. really. I am not. really.

wouldn't you want to come to this man's yard sale?

and, since i do not have many pictures from the yard sale, nor do i have freak stories, like last year (really we had NICE people come. Interesting people! People from Peru, Mexico, South Salt Lake and stuff!), i am obliged to at least post one of the wedding pictures before i head back to the toil-fest that is my job.

me, judge noel, and sop signing the deed.


At 5:54 PM, Blogger thuy said...

christmas noel porter. yay!


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