little miss messy hair


photo a day - icing


photo a day - back on track

remains of the day

peanut butter sandwich made (and eaten) and the day is good.


photo a day - finally

it is truly about time


photo a day - thanksgiving

fall light - 24 november

I can remember two 'traditional' thanksgivings in my life: One when i was about 13 at my uncle's farm and the one this year, at sop's sister's house. There may have been others along the way, most likely with my grandparents. I remember ham with pineapple, is that traditional? In any case, many years, my family had steak for thanksgiving. Then i stopped eating meat and ruined that for everyone. I remember the first year i didn't eat meat. My mom was so mad at me she didn't make me anything. I believe i had rolls. She's okay with it now, though.

Now, we get together the weekend of thanksgiving and have soup. I make tortilla soup and my mom makes a soup ( she has a larger repertoire than i, so it varies). My sister brings pie. We hang out, eat, talk, joke, and play cards.

But that is my family. This year, sop and i went to his sister's, as mentioned. Twelve people, two turkeys, two hams and the best green beans i have had in a while. And i learned how to make mashed potatoes. After dinner, while the rest were watching TV or talking about what they were going to buy the next day, sop, sop's dad, and i went for a walk in the cool air with the warmth of the fall sun on our backs. It was a lovely day and i am really thankful i got to have it.


lame apad

my desk

i've been lame lately, as the above shot shows. honestly, i am really tired and just want the office / darkroom to be done so that we can put stuff away and have a clean house again. I swear, some days i am tempted to leave the doors unlocked so that someone could come in and just steal everything and make it go away. Anyone know of a custom theft program that will leave just the things i say i absolutely want? And if i do not absolutely want the others, why do i think i need to keep them?

i've stopped taking my vitamins. i am hoping to get sick so i can stay home for a week. I think i'll start walking the dog while my hair is wet, too.


photo a day - lost


photo a day for melissa

melissa recently posted an apad, and a question, about manual pencil sharpeners. So, when i saw this in the wood shop (the sawdust is from the rest of the shop, not pencils, i believe), well... i had to bite.


photo a day - the boy

the d-o-g-i-e



this is the sight i beheld this morning as i made my tea:

oh no!

an almost empty tin of Lady Grey. And the Earl's not looking so good either.

The sad thing is, i have many many teas in the cupboard. So how has it come to this? I am just a big fan or the Earl and Lady. Should i order more, or should i delve into the other tins of excellent, if not noble, teas and possibly find a new affection?

taking this shot reminded me of my portfolio of tea related photos. which then reminded me of the paper i used to print quite a few of them on and how said paper is no longer available.

The paper is was Forte Warm Tone Fibre with a Semi-Matte surface. When toned with selenium, you get some rich reds in the blacks that worked well to reproduce some of the beautiful tones in black and rooibos tea leaves. Sigh.

photo a day - caught

caught in the window frost


first frost


photo a day - not getting out enough

i really need to get out more


after seeing melissa's panta success (only two sittings, she says!), and having enough yarn left over from striped madness, i made myself a panta this weekend.

now what do i do with this thing?

honestly, i think it is too wide for my head. but i like it anyway and may make another with either thinner yarn or less stitches. In any case, it's a good hide-your-hair kind of thing when it's even too messy for me!

it's all about the stripes

i am perhaps a bit obsessed with stripes lately. maybe because of this little tool thuy turned me on to?

in any case, my stripey madness in all its glory:

seven and a half feet of stripey fun


photo a day - leaf me alone


photo a day - do not leave glass


another fish takes the bait

whoohoo! another one bites the apad hook!

yes, yet another person doing the apad better than i - melissa!


photo a day redux - 9 nov

the dregs

i don't know if it is the whole work issue, or the remodelling issue, or the dryer, or the tub, or the dishwasher... but i feel like the dregs in the coffee pot that's been on for 3 days. I am tired and uninspired.

And yet, the work thing has worked itself out, and not at all as i thought it would. On the eve of my accepting another job, my boss gave notice. The night before i knew for certain, i suspected and was panicked. I feared, due to some things that had been said in my interview, that he might be going to the same place as i was. It was this fear that kept me from signing while trying to find out the facts. But he went someplace else (well, actually will be going someplace else) and i talked to the dean about the role of web and database development in the College and am staying. What have i learned from him over the past 4 years? Mainly that when someone repeatedly tells you that you are a bad person, there is a chance they may be wrong. I let him convince me for almost 4 years, but i finally realized that the only thing wrong was his expecting me to always agree with him. Having my own opinion does not make me a bad person.

Now we are in the process of restructuring, getting rid of all the things my boss took on just because he didn't want anyone else to do them. Of course, he never got around to doing many of them at all as a result, but hey, at least he was in control. The restructure is both exciting and daunting. I think we can do great things. But i am exhausted.

The office / darkroom remodel, with its many floor-levelings, is almost to the point where we get to add cabinets. The walls are painted, the flooring is in, i've started painting baseboard and door frame and soon will paint the window frames and door. It will be so cool! But i am exhausted.

The tub and dishwasher are unclogged, the dryer unfixed. After three weeks, and multiple replacement parts, we decided to call a pro. If my clothes rack held more than half a load of laundry, i wouldn't care so much. But it doesn't, and i am exhausted.

I have knit, and yet am unmotivated and unfocused to knit. I want to shoot, but all my daylight hours are taken. Once we get the office done and i can put things away, i know i'll have room to do some still-lifes indoors, but for now i am just exhausted.

What i really want is some MAGIC. Yes, the kind that comes in all upper-case letters. The kind that makes me want get out there and DO things. The kind you have to make yourself ;)


photo a day - storm brewing


photo a day redux - 6 nov


photo a day redux - 5 nov

remnants of the rain


photo a day - unexpected sight


photo a day redux - 3 nov


photo a day redux - 1 nov

Well, after seeing what the D-O-G has been up to, i though i better get in one of the better shots of him (Dogie HATES having his picture taken).

just crossed the steet, so life is good

tibbar tibbar!

dogie in charge

Oh yeah. Guest blogger Dogie here, well, 'guest' is maybe not the right word, but who cares. The messy haired chick is out of the house and well, I deserve some fun. After my gig over on schmeebot, I decided this is a way for me to get heard! Get the people bowing to the D-O-G-I-E!!

If there is one thing that messy-haired chick is good for, it's walks. Well, that and belly-rubs. THE ONE may be my god, but the chick takes me for walks, so I'm trying not to bite her so often. But that doesn't matter. What matters are the WALKS.

So, the other day we headed out for a walk. The messy-haired chick grabbed her magic red jacket and the super-leash and OPENED THE DOOR!!! Alright! I ran outside, letting out a few whoops to let her know how much I approved of her actions so far and started on the daily quest to MAKE MY PRESENCE KNOWN.

gotta claim my territory!!

Oh, walks are good. We get out, I piss off a few yappy dogs, stare down those tough young bucks who couldn't beat me in a hard-as-nails contest if they actually ate nails and i GET TO CROSS THE STREET!!

Now, this is one of my favorite streets to cross. This street is full of action! There are lots of cars, and those cool white stripes!! Oh man, any second now that light is going to change and we will get to cross this street! It is so cool, I think I'll probably sing and dance all the way across just so every one can see how great it is. Oh yeah, that's what I'll do.

don't knock the white stripes!

Alright, now this is where a friend of mine lives, can you see him?

my friend's lookout spot

Did you see him? No? Well, that's because he's not there, stupid. Geez, can't you smell? Well, maybe he'll be there next time I share some insight with you.

Oh man, i know this spot. See that pipe thing? She's going to try and tie me up there, i know it. There are NO interesting smells there at all. I swear , I am the only one who ever gets tied up there. Well, I'll show her. I'm going to lay down right now and she better give be some SERIOUS belly rubs before she even thinks about dragging me closer to that pipe.

no way am I falling for this again

Okay, she won. As you can tell, I am tied up to the stupid pipe and she is going to be gone FOREVER. How dare she do this to me?! She is not THE ONE!

I don't know how she can get away with this

Well, FINALLY. Let's get the show on the road, babe! I have friends to sniff, warnings to leave, leaves to lick! I cannot wait around all day for your sorry butt!

I know what she uses those bags for.

Okay, this is Max. Max is okay, a little quiet, but oh well. Hmm, while he's not looking, though, I think I'll leave him a little message on this pole. HAHA. Young guy thinks he's what it's all about. Snort.

I just left a surprise for this guy.

Now we're back on our street. Almost with THE ONE.

THE ONE is near

Just going to take care of my territory first. You know how it is... It may LOOK the same, but if I'm derelict in my duties, it sure won't SMELL the same.

all mine.