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photo a day - thanksgiving

fall light - 24 november

I can remember two 'traditional' thanksgivings in my life: One when i was about 13 at my uncle's farm and the one this year, at sop's sister's house. There may have been others along the way, most likely with my grandparents. I remember ham with pineapple, is that traditional? In any case, many years, my family had steak for thanksgiving. Then i stopped eating meat and ruined that for everyone. I remember the first year i didn't eat meat. My mom was so mad at me she didn't make me anything. I believe i had rolls. She's okay with it now, though.

Now, we get together the weekend of thanksgiving and have soup. I make tortilla soup and my mom makes a soup ( she has a larger repertoire than i, so it varies). My sister brings pie. We hang out, eat, talk, joke, and play cards.

But that is my family. This year, sop and i went to his sister's, as mentioned. Twelve people, two turkeys, two hams and the best green beans i have had in a while. And i learned how to make mashed potatoes. After dinner, while the rest were watching TV or talking about what they were going to buy the next day, sop, sop's dad, and i went for a walk in the cool air with the warmth of the fall sun on our backs. It was a lovely day and i am really thankful i got to have it.


At 11:52 AM, Blogger thuy said...

how much i love this picture. i wonder what those wood slats were doing. they make such an inviting pathway.

your past thanksgivings are so much more memorable than mine.


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