little miss messy hair


lame apad

my desk

i've been lame lately, as the above shot shows. honestly, i am really tired and just want the office / darkroom to be done so that we can put stuff away and have a clean house again. I swear, some days i am tempted to leave the doors unlocked so that someone could come in and just steal everything and make it go away. Anyone know of a custom theft program that will leave just the things i say i absolutely want? And if i do not absolutely want the others, why do i think i need to keep them?

i've stopped taking my vitamins. i am hoping to get sick so i can stay home for a week. I think i'll start walking the dog while my hair is wet, too.


At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You could just call in sick on general principles.
You are a dog person. I see it now.


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