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this is the sight i beheld this morning as i made my tea:

oh no!

an almost empty tin of Lady Grey. And the Earl's not looking so good either.

The sad thing is, i have many many teas in the cupboard. So how has it come to this? I am just a big fan or the Earl and Lady. Should i order more, or should i delve into the other tins of excellent, if not noble, teas and possibly find a new affection?

taking this shot reminded me of my portfolio of tea related photos. which then reminded me of the paper i used to print quite a few of them on and how said paper is no longer available.

The paper is was Forte Warm Tone Fibre with a Semi-Matte surface. When toned with selenium, you get some rich reds in the blacks that worked well to reproduce some of the beautiful tones in black and rooibos tea leaves. Sigh.


At 12:11 PM, Blogger Pixiepurls said...

mmm lady gray!! Can that be purchased at Teavana I wonder.. hehe!

At 9:59 AM, Anonymous VaxGirl said...

I have a cupboard full of different teas also. But I aways drink the English Breakfast, Trader Joes's Irish Breakfast or lately, Constant Comment. Sometimes I try iced tea with the ones that don't quite make it as hot tea.

I rarely buy loose tea though, but the husband(of the English father), will sometimes make a pot of tea.


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