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dogie in charge

Oh yeah. Guest blogger Dogie here, well, 'guest' is maybe not the right word, but who cares. The messy haired chick is out of the house and well, I deserve some fun. After my gig over on schmeebot, I decided this is a way for me to get heard! Get the people bowing to the D-O-G-I-E!!

If there is one thing that messy-haired chick is good for, it's walks. Well, that and belly-rubs. THE ONE may be my god, but the chick takes me for walks, so I'm trying not to bite her so often. But that doesn't matter. What matters are the WALKS.

So, the other day we headed out for a walk. The messy-haired chick grabbed her magic red jacket and the super-leash and OPENED THE DOOR!!! Alright! I ran outside, letting out a few whoops to let her know how much I approved of her actions so far and started on the daily quest to MAKE MY PRESENCE KNOWN.

gotta claim my territory!!

Oh, walks are good. We get out, I piss off a few yappy dogs, stare down those tough young bucks who couldn't beat me in a hard-as-nails contest if they actually ate nails and i GET TO CROSS THE STREET!!

Now, this is one of my favorite streets to cross. This street is full of action! There are lots of cars, and those cool white stripes!! Oh man, any second now that light is going to change and we will get to cross this street! It is so cool, I think I'll probably sing and dance all the way across just so every one can see how great it is. Oh yeah, that's what I'll do.

don't knock the white stripes!

Alright, now this is where a friend of mine lives, can you see him?

my friend's lookout spot

Did you see him? No? Well, that's because he's not there, stupid. Geez, can't you smell? Well, maybe he'll be there next time I share some insight with you.

Oh man, i know this spot. See that pipe thing? She's going to try and tie me up there, i know it. There are NO interesting smells there at all. I swear , I am the only one who ever gets tied up there. Well, I'll show her. I'm going to lay down right now and she better give be some SERIOUS belly rubs before she even thinks about dragging me closer to that pipe.

no way am I falling for this again

Okay, she won. As you can tell, I am tied up to the stupid pipe and she is going to be gone FOREVER. How dare she do this to me?! She is not THE ONE!

I don't know how she can get away with this

Well, FINALLY. Let's get the show on the road, babe! I have friends to sniff, warnings to leave, leaves to lick! I cannot wait around all day for your sorry butt!

I know what she uses those bags for.

Okay, this is Max. Max is okay, a little quiet, but oh well. Hmm, while he's not looking, though, I think I'll leave him a little message on this pole. HAHA. Young guy thinks he's what it's all about. Snort.

I just left a surprise for this guy.

Now we're back on our street. Almost with THE ONE.

THE ONE is near

Just going to take care of my territory first. You know how it is... It may LOOK the same, but if I'm derelict in my duties, it sure won't SMELL the same.

all mine.


At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Puff said...

Since she tied you up, there better be dog treats in that bag! The nerve of some people!

At 11:30 AM, Blogger thuy said...

dear dogie,

please try to bite the chick less. she might just let you come along with her more often and to farther reaches. think of all the friends you could visit and messages you could leave!



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