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i am an idiosynchrasy

the meme is '5 idiosynchrasies'. Tagged is Thuy.

The photo is a pictoral of idiosynchrasy #1. No, it's not that i do not have a pinky finger (i have two, actually), but when i walk, i often touch each finger to my thumb, forward and backwards. As i do this i count, because...

Idiosynchrasy #2

I like numbers.

Many times, especially when walking or knitting, i will count steps or stitches or whatever. If i am walking i'll count in sets of 4 or 8 if i don't think about it. When knitting, well, my counting doesn't have to have anything to do with what i am actually doing. The numbers are the point, not what they mean, don't you know? No? Geez, what is wrong with you?

Idiosynchrasy #3

I like to flex my muscles.

Not at the beach flexing or anything like that. Just every so often i flex a muscle, almost a twitch, except that i am fully aware that i am doing it. It is a NEED. Why? To see that the muscle still works, that it hasn't dropped off? Who knows.

Idiosynchrasy #4

I hate the smell of tomato catsup.

Actually, i hate catsup. But i also hate the smell of it. To the extent that if you are going to insist on putting catsup on your plate i would please ask you very nicely to put it on the side of the plate that is not next to me. Thank you.

Idiosynchrasy #5

I wiggle my nose.

This may be related to idiosynchrasy #3, but i wiggle my nose a lot. Just kind of scrunch it for no reason. Nothing to do with catsup.

And these are the things i am willing to share. Oh dear.


At 3:25 AM, Blogger seldom said...

Hi Holly, I;m sorry I haven;t been participaing in apad - the work is reallt getting on top of me and getting outside while it is still light is proving a little difficult! I love the sreies from the lake - especially the one called 'more view than room'. Cool!

At 7:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Counting is good. I read some sci-fi story in which the hero survived something because he was counting. So pretend you have to count to survive the alien snatch that Might Happen.


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