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a bad case of the Mondays

i tend to have a hard time waking up on mondays; especially in the fall. Yesterday was such a day. But, even running late, i was determined to ride to work and not bum a ride on the scooter with sop. My goal with my ride to work is to decrease my actual ride time. I can't control the traffic lights, but what happens between them is largely up to me. I pushed up the long hill, still working the dust from the basement work out of my lungs; the light for the second part of the hill stayed green; i made it through. I heard a crunch. Gravel? A pop. Hmm... I watched my back tire as i continued to grind and saw it flatten.

Oh well, at least i had my pump. Shoot, no patch kit.

But that was okay because i had a spare tube. If i could just release the brake cable so i could get the wheel off. Where were my allen wrenches? Oh, somewhere at home with all the other things i can't find since the move and the basement work.

Oh well, at least i was only a mile away from work.

So i walked to work, setting a ridetime record of 37 minutes, blowing my old record of 21 minutes out of the water!

Late to work and the lights were all out. My colleague T was at a doctor appointment and my boss? Well, you never know when he'll show up - sometimes it's not until the next day, but that's okay with me. Except for the phones. With the help desk out, that left me to deal with phones and every time i got off the phone there were three more messages to deal with.

Oh well, at least that only lasted until about 10:00.

So i tried to take care of some things i had been neglecting. Sent an email inquiring about a package i was expecting, although i wasn't sure exactly what i was expecting anymore as the other person had been busy, and i had been busy and i really should have contacted her earlier. She got back to me saying the package had been shipped, but hurt by the tone i used in my email. I didn't mean it to have a TONE. Really! I was trying to be calm, but i guess i failed.

Oh well, at least it happened with someone to whom i could apologise, not just some stranger on the street. I reviewed some emails, looking for on from my friend C, who always send me things to make me laugh. Then, determined to just focus on the circle flies, or perhaps the male table seller on eBay, i set out to lunch, because food might just help.

The cafe near my office usually has at least one vegetarian soup. That day it was Roasted Vegetable. Not my favorite, but at least it was better than beef stew. But what was that in the soup? OLIVES? Igit. I hate olives. Why on earth are there olives in the roasted vegetable soup anyway? Aren't olives a fruit?

Oh well, at least it was warm.

But today is Tuesday and i woke up as one can only wake up to The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. The shower was wonderful, the protein shake tasty and the thunder outside well, thunderous. And my tea smelled so good, even as the teapot lid fell off and hot (never boiling) tea gushed all over my hand.

But at least i could run cool water over it.

Yup, it is definitely a Tuesday.


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