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"Sir?" - "That's MA'AM, to you"

It was time for the monthly fill-up this weekend. Stopped by the Tesoro on the way to the freeway and did the dreaded deed. My car is a mid-grade kind of girl, if you know what i mean, so while she indulged in her favorite, i washed the windows. Engrossed in the process of squeegeeing, i heard a voice behind me. "Sir? Sir?!", someone on the sidewalk called. Fully aware that my hips aren't THAT narrow, i continued to squeegee, rounding the front of the car to find the woman on the sidewalk looking at me, calling "Sir?".

I looked at her. "Is that working?" She indicated the car wash.

"I have no idea", I replied.

"Is that working?!", she asked again.

I looked over my shoulder again at the still-present car wash and said, "I do not know".

"No? Okay." She sighed, and started to walk away.

Now, why i did not leave it at that, i don't know. But, i piped up, "I DO NOT KNOW".

"Oh, okay," she said and walked off to ask the next person she came across (presumably also with no affiliation to the gas station, but maybe this one was actually a sir).


At 5:40 PM, Blogger thuy said...


best story ever!

At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Kim/Chef Messy said...

Well, sir, that is just rather odd. ;)


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