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a near-knit experience

Last Thursday I left work early to go up to Logan, Utah for a Christine Lavin concert.

We had hoped to leave extra early to avoid the exodus out of Salt Lake that occurs each day around 5:00, but for one other reason as well – it would be fun to make the knitting circle. You see, Christine has a knitting circle before her concerts. She also has an essay in ‘KnitLit, (too)’ I had found out on Wednesday.

Well, for various reasons, we made it to the locale just before the show started. Enough time to get our tickets, drink some water, and grab our seats – we thought.

But we made it in time to pop in and check out what the people there were knitting, say hello to Christine (who is knitting a shawl out of something that looks like that recycled sari silk to me, but is something different made by a lady in New York) and THEN go to our seats.

If you don’t know who Christine Lavin is, check out her website. If her music is not really your thing, I would still recommend going to her concert if you get a chance. All I can say is:

1. Batons
2. Sing-a-longs
3. Sensitive new-age guys

What more could you want?


At 7:33 AM, Blogger Chef Messy said...

Batons AND new age guys? Sounds like I missed out. ;)


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