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have you ever forced something? Wanted something so bad that you just kept going with it, convincing yourself that you were being too concerned, that things would change?

i did that.

i bought some manos yarn. After the tstwmfmbfsop incident, this one was going to be for me. And i was going to use a knitting pure and simple patten that i liked (even if the model does look like she is going to puke) so that i didn't have to think very much either.

Well, the pattern wants 4st/in. The manos wanted to give me 3.5 st/in after blocking. So i forced it. That yarn gave me 4 st/in after blocking and was HAPPY about it.

But not really. Every time i wear the sweater, and i have done so twice, i can feel that the yarn is not happy. I need to stop fooling myself.

Let the yarn be free! The frogging may now commence.


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