little miss messy hair


deer hunt weekend

Last weekend i said to sop, "why don't we go out to the lake next weekend and shoot?" Neither of us has been able to get out and really SHOOT for way too long, so sunday morning, we loaded up the gear and the d-o-g and headed out west.

where the salt runs free

evidence of expert markmen

and with the start of deer hunt weekend here in utah, we headed out with our Canons (oh, and my Nikon and Mamiya and sop's Minolta) and mostly avoided gunfire.

stop here! gun fire just around the bend

after turning around from various 'no trespassing' signs, we found this place:

Clearly deserted but with hints that me may not be the first to venture onto the property.

these guys ruel!

good as new


i sure hope Boyd didn't forget

and dry your hands afterwards

more view than room



At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Julia said...

I don't know how I got to your blog, but your pictures are beautiful!! What kind of camera do you use?


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