little miss messy hair


getting ready for winter

with winter just around the corner, and us heading toward said corner at about 80mph, SOP figured it was time to get the wood in the back split.As usual, he managed to entice me into joining him in this evening of fun and hilarity (hilarity provided by my first-ever attempts at lof splitting).

giving in a go

with not much success

and a few (well, not SO few) tries later...

sop has finally made a real woman of me

don't get me wrong, i enjoyed spliiting wood. If you ever need some anger management, please stop on by, i have just the thing...

but look at the master in action...

does he look a little TOO happy?


it should be a warm winter after all!

after a day of floor-leveling, paint picking, dog-walking and log-splitting, we settled in for an evening of drinks and cards

don't tell sop, but i am about to whoop his butt!


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