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great things

so, i've been working on a post. it started out as "7 years ago" then quickly turned into "7 years and 7 days ago" and now is hoping to be "7 years and 14 days ago". I know, the ideal would be "7 years and 77 daya ago" at this point, but as it has to do with my birthday celebrations 7 years ago, i think it might be too random to post it MONTHS from my birthday.

but this post is not that post. this is a post about my really great weekend. or almost great weekend, at least. Friday could have been better. I woke up in the middle of a bad dream and nothing really clicked for the rest of the day: everything took longer than planned, i didn't make it to the library, i didn't get up to brighton until 2 and only got 2 runs in before work. but at least i got 2 runs in.

but, who cares about my day-to-day blah-blah-blah? not me, that's for sure. the real treat came when i got home saturday and found goodness from my secret pal!

wrapped in a japanese newspaper were a japanese knitting book "neat presents", 10 note envelopes and some VERY cool origami paper! here's just one of the muffler patterns in the book:

wow! my secret pal really knows me! THANKS!!!!

the second part of my great weekend was sunday. i got to sleep in, which is always so very nice. and then take pictures over at sop's house. working on my chair series. i am taking the color negs to be developed after work and am going to the lab tonight to develop the b&ws. so excited. not too worried about the lab situation as i will just be developing film, so no chance of kids messing up the chemicals on me. oh, except that i need to do contact sheets, but those don't need to be archival, so i am not stressed, just excited.

sunday afternoon, sop and i went for a nice bike ride and then i stayed home and worked on a baby bootie from an awful debbie bliss pattern (ugh, i have never worked from a pattern of hers before and i think i will avoid them in the future! ambiguous and no diagrams). i also FINALLY finished my first retro-rib sock this weekend. i had to undo about 8 rows as i had gotten a little carried away, but it is now done! (as you will note by the '50%' bar to the right).

i'm posting my cardigan progress on the zip-it knit along and should have more goodness to share there tomorrow, so don't forget!


of storms and wristlets

saturday morning i arrived at the mouth of big cottonwood canyon, as usual for a saturday, at 7:30 to catch the bus up to brighton. a gorgeous moring with views of both what was:
clear skies
and what was to come:
movin in
yup, saturday night we got a boatload of snow and i was so VERY jealous of those who actually got to play in it on sunday, instead of selling ski school tickets as i was.

anyway, on to the wristlets. you know my hourglass sweater? the one made of noro cashiroha? well, you know how many many people have run out of yarn when they only purchased the amount listed in the pattern? well, i bought 2 extra skeins because of that and, at the end, had 1.5 skeins left over. so i decided to make the wristlets from Last Minute Knitted Gifts as well. I had already made these for a friend, albeit it with stripes instead of solid, and of course i had to change the pattern yet again. how, you ask? well, i made them longer, one pattern repeat longer, so about 16 rows? and i made the spiral ribs go in opposite directions so that they mirror each other.

i have been wearing these A LOT the past few weeks. especially when working the cold ticket counter on friday nights.


blue #2 lake

what exactly is that? my fruit runts say they contain blue #2 lake, blue #1 lake AND blue #1. so what is the difference between blue #1 and blue #1 lake?

but on a less ponderous note, the zip it cardigan along is up! i am working on the Men's Zip Raglan from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and honestly, am more than a bit nervous about sewing the zipper in, so i started a cardigan knit along for other zipperphobes so that we can work through this together. the criteria? well, it needs to be a cardigan and it needs to include at least one zipper. The pattern, yarn, etc. are up to you.

send me an email to join today!!

in further news, i am still swatching for the aran-a-long. spent last night watching an Elizabeth Zimmerman tape while trying cable-needle-less cabling. EZ deserved better attention than she got: i will watch that tape again.

The one swatch i do have done, however, i am not sure i will use. i am not very into hearts:

and yet i do like the pattern.


hallucination hump day

the last HHD was a picture of a glass of yummy, belgian-style beer. i saw a skull in it. not many people saw anything, unfortunately. but this HHD i am going back to the trees with this beauty:

do you see anything?



last wednesday i finished my hourglass sweater from "last minute knitted gifts". a little late in posting photos, i know, but i didn't manage to get home before 7:30 any day last week and i am oh-so-sick of taking photos inside. so sunday, after running (please excuse my red face in these photos), i convinced sop to help me take some pictures. so here they are:

i love these sleeves!

some of the nobble yarn appears on the neckline, but i still like it.

the shape is fun and the drape feels so very soft and fluid.

YAY! it is done

and i am off to something else...



so, since last friday i have been trying not to get my hopes up. you know how it is, you don't want to be disappointed, so you tell yourself that it was good that you tried, but it probably won't work out? anyway, last friday i took some photos in for a juried exhibition at the Eccles Community Gallery in Ogden. i got a piece in at this same gallery last year in their state-wide black and white show (any medium, just done in blacks and whites), and this year it is a state-wide photography exhibit. so far, i have got at least one work in all the juried exhibitions i've entered and i am just asking myself when that streak is going to end. well, i still do not know, because i got a piece in this show also!!!

you may have seen this before, but here it is again:



because 100 is insane

9 things about me

1. dogs come up to me out of the blue to be petted
2. i lived in germany for 4 years
3. i think languages are cool
4. i suck at correspondence
5. i usually sit on the floor at home, rarely on chairs
6. i do photography and have been in a number of juried exhibitions
7. i walk to work, except for my weekend job, where i have to drive if i am going to get there the same day
8. dark colors - favorites
9. i like to eavesdrop


have you noticed

that when random people see you knitting they tend to say "knit one purl too, eh?" They rarely say "knit two purl two, eh?" and pretty well never say "slip three to a cable needle to the back purl three knit three from the cable needle, eh?"

i wonder why that is?