little miss messy hair


what do you see?

feeling a bit lopsided

just a little off the top, please
apparently i am of the sub-conscious impression that my left hand is a good 2 inches longer than my right hand. if you can't quite make it out in the above pic, it may be more noticible in black and white.

what to do? well, i am going to see if i can eek out another mitten from the yarn. if so, i may take up SOP's recommendation of using the ultra-large mitt as a sock, with a little pocket poking out for a key or something (no idea how this could possibly be useful in an indoor item of clothing, but hey, it's an idea). or it will be my christmas decoration. hmm... any ideas on what to do with a lone mitten?


this past weekend

what i planned on doing:
make mittens
finish surprise beanie
have soup with family
work on SOP's socks
work on my socks
start felted slippers

what i did:
make mitten
frog surprise beanie
have soup with family
go to birthday party
go to wedding (FUN!!)
sleep in on my day off

notes on editing:
as i was walking to work this morning it occurred to me that the lines through the items in the "what i did" list could make it appear as if i had done them; i did not. the line-throughs were to indicate that i did not do them, but as this could be confusing, i changed it to simply get rid of the many things i did not do this past weekend.


take a ride on the dream train

i'm in germany. in saarbruecken, as usual. but of course it is different than in real life. this is the saarbruecken i visit in my dreams. today i am visiting yarn stores, looking to see if i can get some neat opal uni or something like that, i guess. i have a shopping basket with me: one of those narrow deals that you can wheel to the store with you. i'm with a friend and we go upstairs in this small antique/fabric/?? store and look at the couple bins of yarn they have stashed in the back behind a large, drafting-style table. i'm not finding anything that interests me. a lady comes up and is looking at the self-patterning yarns. she asks me about them, 'was sind sie?' 'nun, die verschiedene Farben bilden einen Muster, man braucht selbst ausser stricken nichts zu tun." i explain that the patterns form by themselves, you don't have to do anything but knit, i try to explain that you need to keep gauge and that if the garment is too different of a size, the colors will pool, but i do not know the term for pooling colors in german, so i draw it for her, "und hier, wann die maschen zu eng sind, kommen die farben durcheinanderund den Muster wird nicht richtig gemacht, man muss eine Maschenprobe machen und sollte vorsichtig sein, das Garn fuer den beabsichtigten Zweck zu verbrauchen." but i don't use patterning yarns myself, they don't appeal to me much, and i may have misled her.

as i leave the store i think that this trip will be relaxing. my family is going to join me here and i know that i have a flight home. i am not sure when, but it won't be like in my other dream trips to germany where i am trying to get to the airport from Pirmasens and am not sure when my flight is or if i have my passport. plus, i will not have to worry about getting the Ueberraschungseier all myself, everyone can pick out their own favorite treats to bring home with them. yes, this dream trip will be much better than the usual ones, i am sure of it.



i want this and this and i sure as heck wouldn't mind this and as long as i am getting the kilt, i might as well get this so i can board through this town while knitting and really turn some heads.

but really, i want less. i am still going through things, getting rid of them. if you would like and german books, take a look at this. and then i'd like some time, and a clue as to what i want to do in life, oh and peace of mind (not piece of mind, i get enough of that, thank you).


slow down, you're going to fast

reads the headline on an article on the training regimen of two newspaper employees at the Salt Lake Tribune. "hmm," i wonder, "they are going to be put on a fasting regimine and so they need to slow down? surely they didn't misspell 'too' in a headline of this once-respected newspaper? or maybe they are going to a place names 'fast? but then, the 'f' would be capitalized, wouldn't it?" i glance through the article. no mention of the mystery location of 'Fast', nor of them going on an extreme diet regimen. i guess i should just be thrilled the headline did not read "slow down your going to fast". that really would have made my head spin.


through brown-colored glasses

sop came by the other night to hang out and have a beer while i did dishes (ugh, i really hate dishes, have i mentioned that?). so i got dishes done and then i held up my beer bottle, looking at him through the brown-glass side, and commented on how tan he was. he held up his bottle as well and mentioned how brown i was. he then tilted the mouth up to his eye so he could look through the bottom of the bottle. "hm," i thought, and did the same - pouring beer in my eye as my bottle was not empty.

just call me grace.


i got home the other day, exhausted from work and check my mail and there was a postcard from san francisco! not the person, the city, the person was thuy!! Yay thuy!! so, then i open my screen door, and there is a package. hmmm, i have a couple things on back order, but i don't think any of them are coming anytime soon, and they would be smaller than this. i bring it in and you know what? it is also from thuy!!! WOW! inside are some absolutely delectable things! like the cube clip, complete with flower, that now adorns my monitor at home:
the flower is so pretty that when sop saw it he picked it up and said, "oh does it smell good?" as soon as his nose was in the flower he realized that it was not real, just pretty!

there was also some GORGEOUS hand-spun yarn. it has a beautiful sheen to it and i am thinking of making mittens out of it like thuy did.
so yummy you need to see it more than once
and then there are the stickers! all these are of knit animals and they are extremely cute!
am i lucky or what?!

thanks schmeebot!!!


bragging rights

well, actually, i do not know that i have the RIGHT to brag, but i'll do it anyway. sop does some really nice work and i want to show off just a few of his furniture and sculpture creations. he is a pretty amazing person.
end table 1
end table 2
end table 3
end table 4
sculpture 1
office desk
and then something he only has a little bit to do with, dogie, his dog who adores SOP, but tolerates me, with his new pal "pig'


it's the weekend

and i'm off to the other job. and friday was a beautiful day for it!
on i-215, towards the canyons:
going up big cottonwood:
going up big cottonwood


what kind of day are you having?

my parents gave me this pin
i am having a good day
i am having a bad day
so that people can be warned what kind of day i am having before they dare talk to me. quite a nice idea actually. and then when someone really annoys me, i can just look pointedly at them and change it from 'good' to 'bad'.



okay, it is always a bit akward on how to answer questions, so i am just going to randomly answer somne comment questions here and do a random update on things going on.

PJ - yes, it was very cold camping outside of Dinosaur! BRRR!!!! i did not sleep very well at all. oh well. but...

SallyJo, the reason i took that picture at 5 or someother un-godly hour was because i was migrating a server that day and needed to do it while people would not be trying to access it. i'm sleeping pretty well lately, which leads me to..

Shannon, pilates has not been going well because after recovering from the bruises up and down my spine from the floor rolls, i got in the habit of sleeping in. i am a lazy bum. however,

PJ, the resort is Brighton Resort, where i work on the weekends because obviously i have a mortal fear of free time.

Now for the general update. Last week i took time off to get some of Rich's things ready to go to his parents. They had requested his computer, tools, and bike. In addition, i have his transformenrs for his brother and his chest-of-drawers that he has had since he was a kid that i want to take up. i took any warm clothes, underwear and socks to the Rescue Mission and tried to take his desk to the DI. What i fiasco. i was so mad i wrote a letter, which you can read here if you want to see what a biatch i can be.

i also got to go to the David Sedaris show last week. oh wow. my cheeks hurt so much at the end. it was wonderful! i got my pictures up to the bdac for the show that starts friday and then i worked at brighton through the weekend. unfortunately, you can't really tell that there are less things in my apartment, because it is still a mess. actually, it is a MESS, but i hope to make some progress on that this week.

so, last night i started watching "the worst time in my life", a japanese noir spoof film. within the first bit the guy gets his finger cut off and a dog grabs it and has to be coerced with people food to give it up. i was trying to work on a tubular cast-on method that would allow for 2x2 ribbing instead of 1x1 and so i ended up turning the movie off because i could not pay enough attention to the subtitles. turned on the simpsons (i REALLY need to get some audio books) and it was an episode where Homer gets his finger cut off and the dog runs away and has to be tempted with people food in order to give the finger back. hmmm....



slumps abound

but i haven't been completely worthless:
sop sock:
the test sock
the sop sock has turned into a test run. there are too many things i am learning as i go on it. ah well. i am still completing the sock so that sop can see how it fits before i do the 'proper' ones :)


the topic of the day

is the vote, of course. have you done it yet? it's a must-do experience.