little miss messy hair


feeling a bit lopsided

just a little off the top, please
apparently i am of the sub-conscious impression that my left hand is a good 2 inches longer than my right hand. if you can't quite make it out in the above pic, it may be more noticible in black and white.

what to do? well, i am going to see if i can eek out another mitten from the yarn. if so, i may take up SOP's recommendation of using the ultra-large mitt as a sock, with a little pocket poking out for a key or something (no idea how this could possibly be useful in an indoor item of clothing, but hey, it's an idea). or it will be my christmas decoration. hmm... any ideas on what to do with a lone mitten?


At 4:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell them you were much younger when you made the first one.


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