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okay, it is always a bit akward on how to answer questions, so i am just going to randomly answer somne comment questions here and do a random update on things going on.

PJ - yes, it was very cold camping outside of Dinosaur! BRRR!!!! i did not sleep very well at all. oh well. but...

SallyJo, the reason i took that picture at 5 or someother un-godly hour was because i was migrating a server that day and needed to do it while people would not be trying to access it. i'm sleeping pretty well lately, which leads me to..

Shannon, pilates has not been going well because after recovering from the bruises up and down my spine from the floor rolls, i got in the habit of sleeping in. i am a lazy bum. however,

PJ, the resort is Brighton Resort, where i work on the weekends because obviously i have a mortal fear of free time.

Now for the general update. Last week i took time off to get some of Rich's things ready to go to his parents. They had requested his computer, tools, and bike. In addition, i have his transformenrs for his brother and his chest-of-drawers that he has had since he was a kid that i want to take up. i took any warm clothes, underwear and socks to the Rescue Mission and tried to take his desk to the DI. What i fiasco. i was so mad i wrote a letter, which you can read here if you want to see what a biatch i can be.

i also got to go to the David Sedaris show last week. oh wow. my cheeks hurt so much at the end. it was wonderful! i got my pictures up to the bdac for the show that starts friday and then i worked at brighton through the weekend. unfortunately, you can't really tell that there are less things in my apartment, because it is still a mess. actually, it is a MESS, but i hope to make some progress on that this week.

so, last night i started watching "the worst time in my life", a japanese noir spoof film. within the first bit the guy gets his finger cut off and a dog grabs it and has to be coerced with people food to give it up. i was trying to work on a tubular cast-on method that would allow for 2x2 ribbing instead of 1x1 and so i ended up turning the movie off because i could not pay enough attention to the subtitles. turned on the simpsons (i REALLY need to get some audio books) and it was an episode where Homer gets his finger cut off and the dog runs away and has to be tempted with people food in order to give the finger back. hmmm....


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