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take a ride on the dream train

i'm in germany. in saarbruecken, as usual. but of course it is different than in real life. this is the saarbruecken i visit in my dreams. today i am visiting yarn stores, looking to see if i can get some neat opal uni or something like that, i guess. i have a shopping basket with me: one of those narrow deals that you can wheel to the store with you. i'm with a friend and we go upstairs in this small antique/fabric/?? store and look at the couple bins of yarn they have stashed in the back behind a large, drafting-style table. i'm not finding anything that interests me. a lady comes up and is looking at the self-patterning yarns. she asks me about them, 'was sind sie?' 'nun, die verschiedene Farben bilden einen Muster, man braucht selbst ausser stricken nichts zu tun." i explain that the patterns form by themselves, you don't have to do anything but knit, i try to explain that you need to keep gauge and that if the garment is too different of a size, the colors will pool, but i do not know the term for pooling colors in german, so i draw it for her, "und hier, wann die maschen zu eng sind, kommen die farben durcheinanderund den Muster wird nicht richtig gemacht, man muss eine Maschenprobe machen und sollte vorsichtig sein, das Garn fuer den beabsichtigten Zweck zu verbrauchen." but i don't use patterning yarns myself, they don't appeal to me much, and i may have misled her.

as i leave the store i think that this trip will be relaxing. my family is going to join me here and i know that i have a flight home. i am not sure when, but it won't be like in my other dream trips to germany where i am trying to get to the airport from Pirmasens and am not sure when my flight is or if i have my passport. plus, i will not have to worry about getting the Ueberraschungseier all myself, everyone can pick out their own favorite treats to bring home with them. yes, this dream trip will be much better than the usual ones, i am sure of it.


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