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i got home the other day, exhausted from work and check my mail and there was a postcard from san francisco! not the person, the city, the person was thuy!! Yay thuy!! so, then i open my screen door, and there is a package. hmmm, i have a couple things on back order, but i don't think any of them are coming anytime soon, and they would be smaller than this. i bring it in and you know what? it is also from thuy!!! WOW! inside are some absolutely delectable things! like the cube clip, complete with flower, that now adorns my monitor at home:
the flower is so pretty that when sop saw it he picked it up and said, "oh does it smell good?" as soon as his nose was in the flower he realized that it was not real, just pretty!

there was also some GORGEOUS hand-spun yarn. it has a beautiful sheen to it and i am thinking of making mittens out of it like thuy did.
so yummy you need to see it more than once
and then there are the stickers! all these are of knit animals and they are extremely cute!
am i lucky or what?!

thanks schmeebot!!!


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