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so, i've been working on a post. it started out as "7 years ago" then quickly turned into "7 years and 7 days ago" and now is hoping to be "7 years and 14 days ago". I know, the ideal would be "7 years and 77 daya ago" at this point, but as it has to do with my birthday celebrations 7 years ago, i think it might be too random to post it MONTHS from my birthday.

but this post is not that post. this is a post about my really great weekend. or almost great weekend, at least. Friday could have been better. I woke up in the middle of a bad dream and nothing really clicked for the rest of the day: everything took longer than planned, i didn't make it to the library, i didn't get up to brighton until 2 and only got 2 runs in before work. but at least i got 2 runs in.

but, who cares about my day-to-day blah-blah-blah? not me, that's for sure. the real treat came when i got home saturday and found goodness from my secret pal!

wrapped in a japanese newspaper were a japanese knitting book "neat presents", 10 note envelopes and some VERY cool origami paper! here's just one of the muffler patterns in the book:

wow! my secret pal really knows me! THANKS!!!!

the second part of my great weekend was sunday. i got to sleep in, which is always so very nice. and then take pictures over at sop's house. working on my chair series. i am taking the color negs to be developed after work and am going to the lab tonight to develop the b&ws. so excited. not too worried about the lab situation as i will just be developing film, so no chance of kids messing up the chemicals on me. oh, except that i need to do contact sheets, but those don't need to be archival, so i am not stressed, just excited.

sunday afternoon, sop and i went for a nice bike ride and then i stayed home and worked on a baby bootie from an awful debbie bliss pattern (ugh, i have never worked from a pattern of hers before and i think i will avoid them in the future! ambiguous and no diagrams). i also FINALLY finished my first retro-rib sock this weekend. i had to undo about 8 rows as i had gotten a little carried away, but it is now done! (as you will note by the '50%' bar to the right).

i'm posting my cardigan progress on the zip-it knit along and should have more goodness to share there tomorrow, so don't forget!


At 6:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A word of warning. Something about Uranus, Saturn and Mercury, or some other combination of planets lining up in Pisces causing dreams, and not just dreams, meaningful dreams. For about three weeks. I'm thinking about sleeping pills myself.


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