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hallucination hump day

hmm, are you wondering what some of the hallucinations were? yes, i've been bad at actually clueing you in. i know. slap slap. so here you go:

the hallucination from 12 jan was taken from a piece of bark i found on a hike last spring. the bark is about 8 inches high and has curled up inside out on itself. it is about 7 inches in circumference. i saw a couple of things in that one. a little mouse or owl peering out of a cave alternating with a hitler face.

the hallucination from 5 jan was firelight reflecting off a crack in SOPs fireplace screen. i saw the outline of a head (can you see the ear bump?).

now today's hallucination, well ... i'll tell you about it next week!


At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A pregnant space alien's sonogram?



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