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inspired by my niece's gift to me of nicky epstein's knitting on the edge, i made myself a pair of wristlets using the petite bell ruffle for the edge. this used up some blue skys alpaca i had (ooh... soft...) although i made them using some 4.5mm metal needles as my wood ones were in use. yuck. never again. alpaca yarn + metal needles = trip to hell and back.

what do i love most about these items? well, i love being able to knit while wearing them on the cold walks in to work. the fingers on my 'fingerless' gloves are a tad (just a tad, mind you, but still a tad) too long to allow the yarn to thread over my finger while wearing them, these wristlets do not pose that problem.

now, you can wear these as the knitting gods intended them:
the original
but you might want to turn the cuffs down:
down and dirty?
and if you are all about the frill, and don't want to hide that frilly goodness while wearing a swetaer, then... ooh, yeah, i am all about the frill (free belly shot included)
these beauties are sure to bring out your inner goth (trust me, i have the black eyeliner to prove it)


At 9:17 AM, Blogger thuy said...

great pictures, holly! boy, are those wrist warmers sexy!

At 10:07 AM, Blogger Agnes said...

Nice wristles and nice pose!
How did your mom like the Wavy? Just curious ... I want to know if you blocked the scarf. This is because mine doesn't seem as smooth as the one pictured in the pattern. I was thinking maybe soaking it and blocking can smooth it out.


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