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so, in reply to a comment i posted on jessica's blog about the garter ridge cuffed gloves from melanie falick's weekend knitting, i realized i had never posted a finished picture of these gloves, nor had i posted my comments on the pattern. so, here we are.

first the comments:
1. i made these with a yarn not suited to the gauge of the pattern and, rather than resizing the pattern, forced the yarn to do my bidding. as a result, these gloves are pretty stiff.
2. i goofed on the cuffs and made then too short
3. however, the hand increases occur right after the cuff which, due to the length of the palm, makes the wrist above the cuff too large. if i were to do this again, i would shorten the palm so that the cuff ends where the palm starts.
4. i added extra rows around after creating the pinky finger, which means i created the fingers in a different order than the pattern. why anyone would create a glove with all the fingers starting at the same point is beyond me. have they never looked at their own hands? do they wish they were actually amphibious?

so, the pictures. crappy and small, i am afraid the second one is a blow-up of part of the first and therefore quite pixelated, sigh. might i be falling out of love with these mitts? one thing i know is that they keep my hands warm! love that angora (used elsebeth lavold's angora yarn in bronzed green).
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