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ok, by now, you may know that i often have some rather odd dreams. this past week, for example, i had a dream where i was going to a job interview where i knew they were offering me a job and had brought my office stuff (a box of sand) with me. at the last minute, though, i left the box in the reception area so it wouldn't appear that i was definitely going to take the job. the big pluses were that i would be paid a real salary again and that i would still be able to walk to work. everyone seemed to be wearing the blue shirt/grey pant combo - including me. that reminded me that i would be back in the 'real' world again.

but that is not the dream that i want to tell you about. no, the dream i want to tell you about, although without a box of sand as office supplies, is much more odd.

you know eye boogers? the things you get in the corner of your eye? sure you do. and, do you know how you get white blobs of moisturizer and such in that same corner? well, in my dream, i had white pellets that i was pushing out from the corner of my eye. they were rather large pellets, very firm and very white. soon, in that area in the bottom lid, i was pressing out sliced jalepeno peppers as well as these white pellets (cylyndrical in shape). i'd get a couple of peppers out of my eye and then more pellets, and then peppers again. hmm. perhaps i have been making tortilla soup too often?


At 9:16 AM, Blogger Erin said...

I can't imagine how painful eye peppers would be. How abstract your dreams are! At the other end of the spectrum, I had this college roommated that would only dream about shopping. Not like fashion shopping, like grocery shopping. Endless grocery shopping in her dreams.

Have a good day, and don't forget to carry a box of sand with you, just for good measure. Maybe it'll lead you to your dream job!


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