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yard sale

it started at 10:00 friday night. went to the store, bought posterboard and then headed to my parents' to water their lawn while i made signs. by 1:30 am, i was home.

it continued at 6:00 am on saturday. drove around, posting signs, and then taking out the "goods".

don't you want some of this?don't forget the knitting stuff

'highlights' of the day:

met someone who was learning to knit and may want to go to the Stitch n Bitch! She seemed cool and it would be fun. i really need to get to the stitch n bitch more often.

the morning "yard sale freak" experience: This guy rolled up in a pick-up truck LOADED with junk. Stuff strapped down in a huge mound in the bed of the truck. Came up and asked if i had any socks. "um, yeah, they're inside, i can bring them out". Actually, i had been planning on just taking the socks to the salvation army, but if he wanted to buy socks, fine with me. brought out the socks and he started going through them. "are they clean?" "yes," i replied. "what? are they clean?" "Yes," i reply again. he asked how much they were and i said 50 cents a pair, he asked if i'll sell them for a quarter a pair if he boughy a bunch. i said, "sure, if you buy a bunch." "this pair isn't a match!!!" he exclaimed. I got a matching pair for him. "are they clean?" he asked. "yes, they are clean" (you freak!!). "okay, i'll give you a dollar for 5". "Nope," i said, "a dollar for 4". Sure, i had been going to give these away, but i was going to give them to people who needed them and that is still a better deal than selling them to this guy! He then wandered over to the t-shirts and started working on those until he exclaimed, "these are getting wet! They're on the grass and they are getting wet!" "i'm sure they'll be okay." i said. i just wanted this guy to go away! "no, they're getting wet, that is bad" he said and left. whoohoo!

the end-if-yard-sale weirdo experience: This guy rolled on on his bike complaining about the mugginess. Seemed nice enough, actually, but then he wanted me to sell him an outfit so bizarre that he would be a spectacle riding home in it. He refused the work-out wear as too much (and tell me, what plump man wouldn't be a spectacle biking along in a red-velvet, mock-tank workout top? He refused the graduation gown as too mundane. He wanted a dress. Well, he came to the wrong house for that. He said he'd give me his sony clie if i could come up with an outfit that was too outrageous for him to wear. I said that i already had: He had declared the workout clothes as something he just could not wear. But he said that didn't count. He ended up leaving in the clothes that he arrived in.

check out SOP demonstrating his purchases (the hat and the exersize band):
don't you want some of this?


At 7:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought it would be too mush work to have a yard sale. But it might be worth it for the entertainment value alone...



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