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first ski dream of the year

i am not at my favorite resort. i am at another place; i have been to this resort before also, but i really don't know why i come back. i'm skiing with my mom, at first, and it turns out we are in a race as a team. we're skiing fast and i turn to go through this last section of thick-looking snow to get to the finish (at this point my mom is not my mom anymore, which is probably good as she gave up skiing years ago) and the snow is actually smooth and i am able to maneuver through it well. then i feel my ski catch and become lighter and i fear that my ski has broken. i ski out of the field, though, and look down to see that my ski did indeed break right in front of the binding. (fyi, had this happened in real life i would have tumbled if the ski broke and there would have been no way to keep on doing tele-turns down the mountain). amazingly, we placed 3rd. wow. we are so good.


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