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as the skirt turns

well, i have found out that my skirt turns at the rate of approximately 1 full turn per mile. this is useful information as up until this point i have been twisting my skirt back into place as i walk to work, but, since my work is pretty well 2 miles from my home, it should be the right way around by the time i arrive at the office.
how did i figure this out? well, on my way home from the stitch n bitch last night, i decided not to bother to try to keep my skirt on straight and just let it twist. in the 3 and a half mile walk home, it turned 3 and a half times, ending with the back pockets in the front.
the stitch n bitch was entertaining. i definitely learned some things, and some of them were even about knitting. sharon from the KR forums came also. She was just in town from PA for her mother's birthday and, even though she had a horrific travel day, came and was knitting away on lace for a christening gown! wow. she must have patience.


At 7:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never figured out why some skirts do this and others don't. There may be some secret message there, LOL - VaxGirl


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