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escalante digitals

while in escalante, i primarily shot film. It is rather unusual for me to shoot color film, but i did it down there and had a lot of fun with it, in case you couldn't tell. I did shoot some digital pics as well, but not as many as i should have, probably. You see, i bought an s500 recently (i've only been ogling the S line of canon digitals for 2 years now, so i guess it was expected). The reason for buying the s500 as opposed to a more-featured, perhaps less-expensive, camera was that i wanted a camera that i wouldn't even think twice about taking with me. If i have to think, "ooh, do i really want to carry that" i won't have it with me enough and the s500 is nice and small. i also checked every single day to wait until it dropped to a price i could justify. Anyway, after all that, the case that i bought for it falls off the belt of my camera pack, as i found out while hiking the grand canyon, and so i have been putting it in the pocket of my water pack when i am hiking, which means i have to take off the water pack every time i want to use it. Grrr! So, i need to find a new case for it.

all that aside, i did get a few shots in escalante on the digital and, since Iknitoo from the Knitter's Review Forums asked about the digital camera, i figured i better post some of those pictures, too.

These flowers were so neat: i love how life in the desert pokes its head out wherever it can:

i think this picture of a scrumptious desert mushroom was taken on "The Gulch" hike along the Burr Trail. Hike names are approximate as we were using a close to worthless hiking guide-book. (hint: if a hiking book indicates that you should "turn when you see the fence with tumbleweeds pressed up against it", DO NOT buy it!)

chmney rock:

and, from the last day, in oh-not-near-enough-light, the sunrise during a storm:


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