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here is the project i can hardly wait to finish. "Why?" you ask? well, i would like to put one of my other WIPs into it, that is why :), namely the big bad baby blanket from Stitch n Bitch which sits by my bed as a "relax" project.

the project is the french market bag from i found some cool noro kureyon yarn for myself and for my sister and away we went. we both added cascade 220 for the bottom and handle colors. i did part of the body in the cascade as well and then the handle grips in the kureyon again. i don't know that my sister is decided yet about how to do the handles, but she should be soon!

anyway, i finished mine a couple of weeks(!!) ago and am waiting for my sis to get done so that we can felt them together. it should be cool!

first fmb image
as you can see, i made the body a bit deeper, so i should have room to put that big blanket in it!
here's a picture that may give you an idea of the actual size:
image to scale


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