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monday, glorious monday!

you may ask, "why on earth are you excited that it is monday?" Well, let me clue you in, it is PHOTO LAB DAY!! Yes, those 5 rolls of black and white film that have been grumping at me for neglecting them while having color film (!!!) developed are finally going with me to the darkroom tonight. heehee. they are dancing in my bag as we speak, i am sure, although they mysteriously stop dancing whenever i peek in there, those sneaky things!

on another, less happy note, i finally got my fmb felted. Now you may ask, "Why is this not a happy note?" and i will forgive you your extraordinary inquisitiveness today and tell you that it is sad because my sister was not able to come over and felt with me. :( She had to go on a business trip and was very busy getting ready for it so she could not come over. Since she would not be able for quite some time to come over, i ended up felting all by myself. now, before you feel too bad for me, she is going to come over when she is ready to felt her bag and so it will still be an enjoyable time AND i will have a better idea of how to felt her bag as she is using the exact same brands of yarn as i did, although different colors.

i am, as they say, "on one" today. but keep it a secret, please...


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