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discount-store-heaven (a dream)

i'm in a parking-lot in the middle of discount-store-heaven. next to us is a k-mart. i do not want to go into the k-mart. i can see a super target a little ways off, but my mom says "let's go in here" and we walk into the store in front of us. inside, i look around and exclaim, "is this a WalMart?!" It is. I run out.

i go into the k-mart and my mom is at the photo counter at the front picking up pictures. then, she walks around with a stub of paper, like the ones yu are left with when you drop off your film, and is asking people if these are their photos, as she seems to have some of the wrong ones, but it is really hard to tell what pictures are what on that little stub. someone suggests looking up the pictures online to see what they really look like. sitting in the turquoise-blue train-station seats in gront of the photo counter, i hear a guy sitting in the bank of seats next to me talking about knitter's review. i approach him about it and we go outside to jump on the trampoline.

i jump so high, higher than the tall pine (or is it a fir) next to the trampoline. Yet i can see my mom, standing next to the car watching me, and she does not seem very far away at all.


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