little miss messy hair


we now pause for an announcement from our sponsors

you know you want some

oohh. yum. the lunch of champions. enjoy a lunch of triskets and softbatch cookies today!

doesn't he look happy?

as SOP so wonderfully demonstrates, a meal of triskets, cheese and softbatch cookies can make you a happy person. experience this joy today!

it all started with a morning ride to east canyon reservoir. since we wanted to get an early start, we thought it would be fun to go to Ruth's Diner for breakfast. oops. way too crowded. Hmmm... how about the next place up the canyon? oops, closed (july 5th). Then, there is that restaraunt in the resort, let's try that. Hmmm, also closed. So it is off to the general store at the resort and away we went with a fine mean of cheese, triskets, and softbatch cookies! hard to beat.


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