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finally...the weekend

work is at its annual beginning-of-new-year frenzy. the wedding, moving, looking for a new job now and then, well, i haven't seen much fun on the weekends in the past month (well, except for the 8th, of course).

This past saturday, sop and i got the basement on its way to being organized so that i can stash my crap down there, and got rid of a few of sop's things as well. Since the yard sale was last weekend, we tried this method of finding a home for the nameless sculpture:

timmy was sculpted by sop several years ago and, well, we have no idea what to do with him. obviously.

after toiling away saturday, we got up sunday with a singular goal: to get out of the valley.

and that is what we did! we headed up to the uintas and hiked up to shingle creek lake and then up into erickson basin, where we lunched with this curious guy:

as the sun started to fade a tad, we headed back down to shingle lake to rest in a grassy meadow we spotted at the edge of the lake on the way up. SOP luxuriated in the soft grass with the warm sun while i took these:

and on the knitting front, i've almost finished this project:

(hint: when it's done, this won't be headwear)

all in all, this weekend was just


At 3:03 PM, Blogger thuy said...

... peachy.

At 7:55 AM, Anonymous VaxGirl said...

I have used the "FREE" sign method before; it works like a charm. But I think I would have put that guy in the garden and called him yard art.

Beautiful mountain flowers!

At 9:15 AM, Blogger seldom said...

I love your photos. So still.


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