little miss messy hair


i have too been knitting!

but just not taking any pictures of it.

i'm re-knitting the yoke of sop's cardigan after being thwarted by yet another pattern error in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. The yoke decreases in the Men's Ribbed Cardigan are fine for a woman, but sop is not (and wouldn't the name of the pattern lead you to believe that that is okay?).

i am also now working on the heel of second of the pair of my retro-rib socks. i cannot wait to wear these.

in further just-try-to-stop-me knitting news. i set out to try the double trouble socks this week and found i had ended up with one of the bad batch of crystal palace circular needles where the needle falls out of the metal sleeve. so i must wait unil i get some epoxy before i embark on my two-socks-at-once adventure.


At 11:42 AM, Blogger maura said...

holly, i love your chairs! i can't wait to see how you like doing two socks at once. be sure to post photos. I've resisted because i don't like having two balls of yarn getting tangled.


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