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remember october?

when i posted about the snow? well, it's march now, so it's snowing again!

here are some pics of slc this morning at about 6:15 as i walked to our very cool library to volunteer at one of our public radio stations, KCPW, for their semi-annual fund-drive. (you can listen to a radio stream, if you want, but right now they're begging for money, so you may want to wait about 10 days).

no idea what the swirly-effect is from. big blobs of snow floating around?

i was definitely not using this today:
bike rack

i shoveled my walk at about 5:30 and by the time i left, at 5:40, there was a good .25 -.5 inches on the walk again. very cool. i wish i were not working today. the snow must be fabulous at brighton!


At 10:10 AM, Blogger thuy said...

what a fantastic set of pictures! the top two look like they were taken in deep space!

At 3:04 PM, Blogger Erin said...

Snow? It's still snowing someplace in the country??!?!?! I'M SO SPOILED. One day, when we leave SB, I'm going to be reminded of what it is like to have weather.

And great pics!!! I love them all!


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