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so, last night, when i found out that i have to sew down the collar of sop's sweater AFTER i get the zipper in, i started on the double trouble socks. i had wanted to start on them before but, as i may have mentioned, i got one of the bad batches of crystal palace needles where the bamboo bit falls out of the metal sleeve. anyway, i repaired that this weekend and, not feeling like working on the foot of my retro rib sock, i pulled out the needles to start on the double trouble.

now, with double trouble, you do the toes seperately and then put them on the same needle and continue on with two balls of yarn and two circular needles. i have a big ball of yarn, so i am doing one sock from the inside of the ball and the other from the outside. the directions say to mark the tips of one of the needles (if the needles are the same) with finger polish so that you can tell the two needles apart as this will be important when you are working on both socks. i didn't have any fingernail polish, so i used a marker, which actually wore off by the time i was done with the first toe. i wonder if it is worth buying fingernail polish for this?

anyway, i got both toes done last night and i dipped the tips of one of the needles in ink in preparation for getting set up on both needles. don't know how soon that will happen, as i am sewing in a zipper this weekend!!!


At 12:23 PM, Blogger thuy said...

the toe is looking very nice. will the stripes go in reverse of each other then?

very bold effort by the way!


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