little miss messy hair


tubular bells

well, actually it is a tubular cast-on for this top from interweave knits that i have started to make. "started to make" as in i am halfway through the tubular cast-on, which apparently takes 4 rows. The first is a backward-loop cast-on, then you knit and do yarn overs for the next row, then knit and slip purl-wise for the third and then you do other things of which i am not sure because i haven't done them yet. i started the backward-loop on my way to work and got partway through the second row when i realized that i needed to at least do the third row or everything would fall apart in my bag. So, i sat in the park and finished the third row and instead of being early for work, as would have been the case, i was late. not too late, but not early, which is what i had been going for. Ah well, it will be worth it!


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