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so very gifted

last friday, i took B to the grocery store and to pick up his mail. he caught typhoi fever while in cambodia (because he left as a child he is not immune) and had spent 10 days in the hospital in london. he passed out at a restaurant there in front of about 1,000 people. anyway, we ended up going to lunch after the post office and groceries to one of my favorite places, koko kitchen. koko's is a small, family-run japanese restaurant and we had miso soup and kimchi rolls (sushi). turns out miso soup was what he was supposed to have had at the resdtaurant in london before he fell flat on his face.
anyway, B gave me a beautiful gift: a scarf, and chopsticks and chopstick rests. so fabulous!

then, on sunday i met my sister and her family for dinner and my sister gave me a gift from her trip to new york:

5 skiens of denim silk! 4 dark and one slightly lighter! i can't wait to make a spring top out of it! it will be gorgeous!

thank you!!!


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