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first installment- road trip

i broke away last weekend and headed to Dinosaur National Monument. Very Cool! i need to go back and explore further. I only went to the main entrance on the Utah side, and it is rather hard to wander, as it is not as rocky as southern utah, and so you need to keep on pre-determined trails.
These first pictures, however, were taken on my way there, and not in the park itself.

a break on the way, getting some fresh air:
sun and stitch
almost a camp spot: (only a few hours in to the trip, but it was so beautiful here, i almost stayed the night)
should i stay or should i go now
early the next morning:
that's my name


At 4:51 PM, Blogger PJ said...

Gorgeous! Being from CO myself and feeling like a fish out of water presently in this big city I live in (it has it's perks, but...) I've been to Dinosaur Nat. Mount. beautiful area...looks like it may have been a cold night, yes? Well, from your pictures I could just breathe in that fresh air! Thanks!


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