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one hand for warmth

as i sat in my office yesterday literally shivering because it was so cold (and only 80 degrees outside), i wished i had the other one of these finished:

made of elsebeth lavold's angora yarn in bronzed green (also known as #15) these this is one warm glove. i used the pattern in weekend knitting and made a couple of adjustments (of course) as well as a couple of mistakes. the garter cuff is supposed to be longer (at least it is in the picture in the book) so i must have read the pattern wrong. it probably said "repeat these two rows 16 times" and i edited it to be "16 rows". i added a couple of rows on the palm of the hand after making the pinky finger because i hate how most gloves give me a web there and i am pretty happy with that. One more to go!


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