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not making friends at photo lab

photo lab has been a bit un-relaxing lately. a lot of new people doing things like putting tongs from the developer in the stop and then back in the developer and not closing the filter tray on their enlargers and then flooding the darkroom with light or (and here i am being just really nit-picky) leaving their test strips in the developer (or fix, or stop) and going on to their next text strip - never taking their discarded bits out of the chemicals for the whole evening! sigh. well, last night, some chick (biased already, i know) asks if the lab has any canned air. i say "no, i don't think so". i do not work for the lab, she was just asking people in general. i'm at the chemicals, putting a contact sheet through and then she starts looking around all the enlargers. She sees a can of air in the enlarger space i am using and goes in and grabs it. As she is coming out i say, "you mighht want to go get your own." She looks at me, "what?" "you need to get your own canned air rather than just using other people's" "oh," she says, and returns my canned air to my things. Listen chickiboom, i have not run in ages, you do not want to mess with me! i know, it is just canned air, but it really bothered me that she was just going through people's things and using them. plus, i am not her supplier of photo equipment! i lend my things to people i know, but not someone i have never seen before.grr. it just bugged me. man, i really need a run! then maybe i can relax in the lab again. or, as discussed with SOP last night, i can buy some more equipment and set up a darkroom in his house. he has an enlarger, i have other miscellaneous equipment, a rack print-dryer would be easy to build, so i pretty well just need a print washer and i would be free of contaminated chemicals, fogged paper, and cheeky newbies.


At 4:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What print dryer? a clothesline and pins work well enough. Be sure you have ventilation!!!

At 8:44 AM, Blogger PJ said...

you go girl...I totally agree! I don't care whether you are in an office or a dark room! I think there are two that think its easier to use your stuff (lazy) and then there are ones that truely are clueless..that's even worse!


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