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last night's adventures

i'm on a plane. i wish they'd explain the parachutes to the passengers so that we'd know what to do with them if we had do evacuate. then i realize that they never gave us any parachutes anyway. i don't have a lot of faith in the seat-cushion plan.

i'm outside at the dugway proving ground, as are many others. we're all examining the crashed capsule. i don't have my camera with me. aren't all these people clambering all over the capsule going to destroy any surviving data? but they tell me i have to go look at it and so i do. i'm climbing up close to it, looking into it. it reminds me of the stones you find in the escalante desert. then i remember the explosives that were supposed to engage the parachutes and i decide i do not want to be so close.

i'm inside with twp others. i'm talking about the curry recipe i am going to devise and submit to the local paper. the one person tells me to just change the amount of salt in that recipe in the book, but i have greater plans than that. i call the orchid shop to find out what their hours are. i have to get this ready.


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