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pants on fire

i did not get the picture of honey taken last night. we were on the roof until dark and then ate and that was about it for me! oh yeah, i did knit a bit more ;-) so, tonight i am going home after SnB and will take a picture of honey. i have started the center back (i am knitting the cardigan as a solid piece instead of as 3 flat pieces).

Hey Amie, i think i fixed the problem with the links! let me know if they are still hidden. i want to redesign the whole page, actually, and use my own design rather than a template, but i have to get off the roof first!

oh geez. i am at work and freezing; actually shivering here! all the more reason to book it on that cardigan! and then some fingerless gloves!

i wish my pants really were on fire!


At 9:22 AM, Blogger Amie said...

They're there! I'm debating between some fingerless gloves or mittens out of that red merino/angora I dyed... what pattern will you use, do you know?

At 10:48 AM, Blogger xmasberry said...

oooh, angora is supposed to be very warm! i do not know what pattern yet, there are a couple i like, i just need to decide, the great thing about fingerless gloves is you can just adapt any fingered-glove pattern.
have you thought about the fingerless gloves with the slip-over mitten part? the best of 2 worlds.


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