little miss messy hair


hmm... what this i have found?

why, it's a camera! yes, it's time to post some photos. past time, actually. i had hoped to get something done in order to post photos, but it looks like it will have to be an 'in progress' kind of day.

our first offereing today is the almost completed pair of socks:
they are almost there!!
that is followed be a lovely detail of the heel area which so fascinates me:
isn't that cool? and i did it!
and lastly, as we approach a cooling autumn (and an ever cool office), we have the first 7 rows of "honey" the cardigan of Rowan's Summer Tweed:
still lacking in coverage
not keeping me very warm yet, but it will get there!


At 10:30 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

Hi! I'm in the SnB with Barb and I wanted to say hi. I'm working with Summer Tweed right now, in fact it looks like it might be the same color. Are you enjoying it? I feel so decadent with that much silk in my hands.


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