little miss messy hair


i love you man, *hic*

i am giddy and goofy and very into telling people how wonderful i think they are at the moment. it's been a sucky day and by the end all the stress had just worked me into a state of goofiness. my grandmother died and i feel very odd about it as i was not a good grandchild, my boss was a pissant to me again today and i was very mad at him for quite sometime, still am, but i am letting it go, (see! there it goes in that bubble i have realeased. watch it floating away over the tree-tops, oops! someone just shot it down with a pea-shooter. oh, that was me...). so, by the end of the day i was telling people on KR how wonderful they are, challenging VaxGirl to a jello-wrestling match and generally sounding like it was last call at the okey dokey saloon. oh well.

you all are great, let's never lose touch!


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